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Assassins Creed Walkthrough
Masyaf Flags

1. Out the back of the castle to the lowest level of the back gardens and look to the right next to the ramp

2. Still in the back gardens, down one level from the entrance on the center pillar of the wading pool

3. inside the fortress castle go down stairs and turn right to the back left corner

4. Leave through the front castle door and stay left. There’s one by base of the tower that you climbed to start the log roll

5. In that tower at the level where you did the leap of faith on the left once you’re up the ladder.

6. Across the first balance beam and past the second there’s a lower level with a flag.

7. Take a leap of faith down from the log rolling spot and go down the ladder that’s right there. Go around to the right behind a guard and there’s one there overlooking the path.

8. Drop down and head to where the buildings start. There’s a tall, square building with a ladder in front of you. The flag is on top.

9. Looking straight ahead from flag #8, you can see one on top of a building due south of you.

10. Come back down off the north side of that building and head west a bit then turn north to where you can look down into the canyon. There is a flag along the wall to the east in a nook of the building.

11. Turn west from here and you’ll see one out on a platform over the canyon. Jump across a few beams to get there. Alternately, you can drop down on it from above.

12. Head west from here until you hit the wall and climb the building. Head south along the roof to the tall spot overlooking the path down to find this flag.

13. Go south down the hill a level and turn right toward where you beat up the guy from Memory Block 2. From that garden look southwest to see one between the side of the house and the path that goes down another level.

14. Stay on this level and head east right after you pass the path that got you down here, climb the building on the corner to your left for a flag. You can leap of faith back down to a cart of hay below you.

15. On that same level, continue east. You should see a flag straight ahead on the roof of a building. Go through the courtyard where you first saw the guy you beat up in Memory Block 2 and climb up to get it.

16. Get back to that level and head east just a little more. Go one building past where the main path heads south and down. There may be a couple guards chatting there, jump straight down over the wall. There’s one on the roof you should have landed on behind a rack of laundry and a bale of hay.

17. Go straight east from there over a short wall until you hit the mountain at the edge of the map. Turn south and follow the contour until you drop down over a couple beams into a nook between a building and the mountain with a flag.

18. Head to the entry gate and then turn north. Climb the building in front of you and you should just see the flag ahead on top of the tallest building of this sector.

19. Look down to the northwest from the corner of this roof and you should see a flag on ground level.

20. Come east from there and you’ll see a hay wagon to the northeast. Go past the wagon and there is a flag in the corner at ground level.

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