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Assassins Creed Walkthrough
Templar Locations

There are 60 of these spread between the Kingdom, Acre, Damascus and Jerusalem. The Kingdom Templars should be hunted in conjunction with the King Richard flags. The Templars in each city should be hunted with their respective flags.

Kingdom (30, organized the same as the King Richard Flags list)

Masyaf area paths (0)

None here…

Western unnamed village area (4)

1. Southeast of the tower as you enter the area, the road splits up to a few buildings on a higher flat area. The Templar is at the southwest corner of this plateau.

2. NW across the road from #1, there’s a Templar on the roof of the first building to the right from the bottom of the hill.

3. There’s a Templar at the end of the docks.

4. As you exit the village area on the south path, there’s a plateau on the SW side with a horse and a Templar.

Paths between Western unnamed village, Acre, and South Central Ruins (6)

1. Coming south along the road, there’s a Templar on the west side of the path.

2. From the high area where flags #3 and #4 are, use your horse to leap across the broken bridge. The Templar is just up the path on the left. Kill him and head back over the bridge and continue south.

3. SW of flag #12, there’s a Templar in the corner of this group of five buildings.

4. Temporarily follow the path east curving north from flag #13’s platform to find a Templar along the road and then return to the platform.

5. Straight west from flag #16, there’s a Templar and a horse in the corner.

6. Continue east from #5 and there’s a Templar where the road opens up and turns to the north.

Acre area, military base and paths (1)

1. At the back of the military encampment, to the far west, there’s a Templar behind a tent.

South Central Ruins area (1)

1. Jump down from the pillar with flag #5 and go east over a ruined wall to find the Templar.

Central unnamed village area (6)

1. Approaching the village from the South Central Ruins, there is a Templar along the road.

2. Continuing N from flag #4, you come to a path that leads up and to the SW. Cross the path without going up and there’s a Templar by a small square building.

3. Continue up the path SW from the tower and flag #5. At the first plateau, there’s a horse and two buildings. The Templar is behind the second building to the west.

4. Behind the tower at the end of the path with flag #11 is a Templar.

5. There’s a Templar in the courtyard of the building that holds flag #16.

6. From flag #19, the eastern building has a Templar on the NW side.

Damascus area paths (6)

1. Follow the edge of the water east from flag #5 and there’s a Templar in the corner where the water ends.

2. From flag #8, there’s a Templar on the NW side of the tower.

3. Follow the stream East toward Damascus from the tower. There’s a Templar on the south shore of a wide area in front of a tent.

4. After finding flag #9, retrace your steps back toward flag #6 and take the southeast path toward Jerusalem and the Eastern unnamed village. There’s a Templar about half way along this path

5. Continue west from flag #11 and #12 to a camel hump building. There’s a Templar on the SE side.

6. After you get flags #13 and #14, come back east past the camel hump building and look for a fork that turns south. There’s a Templar along this path.

Eastern unnamed village (6)

1. From flag #1, continue south along the path to a cone building with a flag on the roof. There’s a Templar on the south side of the building.

2. From flag #2, return to the hay where you landed and look east to see a camel hump building. There’s a Templar on the East side.

3. Follow the stream from flag #4 SW toward a view point tower and double back up a slope to the NE. The first camel hump building you come to on the plateau has a Templar in the courtyard.

4. Continue south along the mountains from flag #6 to a Templar on the East side of a camel hump building.

5. You can see Templar further south along the path from flag #8 in front of a cone building.

6. Head south from flag #9 and drop down two levels to a Templar on the SE side of a cone building.

Jerusalem area and paths (0)


Acre (10)

Poor District (4)

1. Go south along the west city wall from flag #8 until the wall turns SW. Look into the ruined building to the east and there’s a Templar at ground level in the north corner.

2. From the bureau, go NE up the road to a set of vigilantes. At the vigilantes, go east to the Templar at the end of the path. You can see him from the vigilantes.

3. Drop down to the east from flag #28 and go SE to some vigilantes. From the south side of the vigilantes, walk E/NE down a path. It will narrow and the Templar will be in the NE corner when it widens again.

4. From flag #27, go all the way north in the park to the town wall and then turn west. Drop down to the west over the railing along the city wall to land behind a Templar. He’ll be a few paces west of you.

Rich District (3)

1. I accidentally killed this one (I know, sounds stupid!) when he fell off a roof trying to chase me on my way between towers. Go south from the bureau into the NE corner of the Rich District. The Templar is in the SW side of a large courtyard just south of the view point tower.

2. Drop down from flag #12 and go west to the sea wall. Turn north to see a Templar in the absolute NW corner of the district.

3. On the roof of the cathedral there’s a Templar under flag #26.

Middle District (3)

1. The Templar is near the sea wall SE of flag #5.

2. From flag #30, look to the ground to the S/SW from the south side of the roof garden to find the Templar. If you’re careful, you can leap to the roof behind him and drop in for a sneak attack.

3. From flag #32, return clockwise along the path until you are just beyond the stairway. Look down over the wall to see a Templar immediately below you.

Damascus (10)

Poor District (3)

1. Continue SE along the city wall from flag #3 to find a Templar at street level where the wall turns east.

2. From flag #21, drop down to the street and cross to an alley leading NW. When the alley turns NE, you will see a Templar ahead of you.

3. From the orator of flag #25, go north on the west side of his building to the NW-most set of vigilantes in this district. Go a block east from the vigilantes and turn south to get a Templar.

Rich District (4)

1. Continue west along the north city wall from flag #2 and jump across an alley. Drop down from the next set of rooftops against the north wall to land on a Templar.

2. Continue a few paces south from flag #10 and drop into an enclosed courtyard with a Templar against the north wall.

3. From flag #27, follow the wall counterclockwise over some barrels and around two corners to the Templar.

4. From flag #31, drop down to the orator. Walk SW from the orator to find the Templar.

Middle District (3)

1. From flag #3, walk south out the doorway from the courtyard and go one block south until you must turn. The Templar should be just east of this corner.

2. Drop off the wall into a walled courtyard to the east of flag #23 to land next to a Templar.

3. From flag #28, jump back across to the roof to the north. Walk NW along the roof to find the Templar between two taller rooftops.

Jerusalem (10)

Rich District (4)

1. In the enclosed palace area, there’s a Templar in the SE corner between the southern building and the wall.

2. From flag #9, follow the street NW through an arch and down some stairs. As you reach the corner where you must turn right, there is a Templar around the corner at the intersection.

3. Follow the rooftops west from flag #27 and drop down to street level where the north city wall juts out a little bit. This Templar seems unique in not having a chest to leave behind.

4. From the church in #31, there’s a Templar in the NE corner of the cemetery on the eastern side of the church.

Poor District (3)

1. From the gate between the poor and Rich districts, go south as far as you can. In the SE corner of the farthest south section is a Templar.

2. From flag #19, go back up to the roof garden and turn south. The ladder south of the roof garden will take you to a Templar.

3. Drop down over the north fence from the platform with flag #34 and turn west to see this Templar a block or so away.

Middle District (3)

1. From flag #12, drop down to the road on the south side and go west to find a nearby Templar.

2. Drop down and travel due west from flag #20 to a Templar in a corner at ground level.

3. Go north across the road from flag #29 and up a ladder to a rooftop garden. Drop down one level NE of this garden to land on the Templar.

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