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Chapter 1

This chapter starts, sadly, with the death of Gorian. Imoen comes to help - go north to the circle area and pick up all the items. You read a letter saying that you should meet Jaheira and Khalid. Head east through the forest, encountering birds and a few wolves. You'll meet Kolssed - be friendly to him. You'll also meet Xzar and Montaron, an evil, amusing pair who wants to go to Nashkel to meet Berrun Ghastkill. Take them along for now.

3 Pines Area
The next region to the east finds an "Old Man", who says the inn is to the north. Fight off a few gibberlings, and head north along the road. There's a ring stuck in a rock in the northwest area. You'll also meet Aoln the ranger, who says hi. You shouldn't have much trouble before you cross north to the Friendly Arms Inn region.

Friendly Arms Inn
Big inn, hmmmm? When you first enter the map, sleep before entering the walls, and save :) Chatting with the locals, you hear about how metal is brittle, and how it's unsafe to be out with all these iron thieves. They don't trust the town of Nashkel, source of these tainted goods. Head east over to the stairs of the inn.

Here you meet Tarnesh, who is after the 200g bounty on your head. Lure him down to the ground, where the guards will help you kill him off. You get money from his belongings. Now enter the inn.

You meet Jaheira & Khalid in the inn in the NW corner. They want to go to Nashkel, so join up with them. There are rumors here - the Flaming Fist (an elite squad) has been sent to Beregost, because the Grand Duke is paranoid about the Amn. Bentley Mirrorshade is the owner here - sell your extra stuff, including any misc potions and items that the Evil Duo have, and equip yourself well. I like to annoy the Evil Ones at this point by donating blocks of gold (check the book for the amount at a time, based on your current reputation) at the temple next door. You should be able to raise your reputation points by 2-3 points.

Just to the west by the gate is Joia, who has lost her flamedance ring. Make a big loop around the outside of the inn, killing everything, and you'll get a fair number of items and XP during the trip. You'll also find the ring - bring it back to Joia for 400xp and +1 reputation. Reputation is great - it affects the cost of goods you buy and many other things.

Next, go into the inn, to the second floor. Unshey is there, wanting his belt back. Head south of the Inn map to the 3 Pines map, and you'll find the ogre on the eastern side of the map. Kill him, and bring the belt back to Unshey. He gives you 70 gp and 800 xp. Now go up to the third floor, and meet Lnadrin, who wants the spiders, boots, and wine from her house in Beregost.

Go south again, straight through the 3 Pines map. Near the south of the map is Andout, who is going to Beregost too. He is going to let Gov Kelldath know that there are more troops coming to help, in case of Amnish attack.

Cross the southern border to enter Beregost. You're greeted by Golin Vend who knows where everything is. Head straight south on this map, to the very bottom middle. There's a house there with a wooden fence around it. Go in and kill the spiders, then gather up the spider body, boots, and wine. Head north again, up to the Friendly Arms Inn and the 3rd floor. You will get 120 gp and 300 xp for the boots, 100 gp and 200 xp for the spider, and 75 gp and 300 xp for the wine.

You're now done with the Firendly Arms tasks, so head back south to Beregost.

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