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Prologue Prologue

You begin Baldur's gate, after choosing yourself a character, by roaming around the small town of Candlekeep. There are all sorts of delightful monks there ready to help you with how to climb stairs, how to walk, and other basic skills any 3 year old knows how to do.

In the inn, where you start, is Firebead Elvenhair - he wants an identify scroll that Tethtoril has. You'll get that near the end of this section. Drink with the bartender to learn of the bad iron in Nashkel. This is one of your main themes. Search a shelf to find a dagger to fight with. Leave the inn and go right - Phlydia is there, wanting the "History of Halruaa". She'll give you a lynx eye gem and 50xp for it.

Move along east. You hit the priest quarters, where Shank tries to kill you. He's dead meat when you hit him with your staff or dagger (20xp). Parda comes running to see what's wrong, and tells you to find Gorian by the castle when you're ready. You're not quite, yet. Keep on your path. Dreppin is by the cows south of the priest quarters, and says Phlydia's book is in the hay. Bring it to her and return to Dreppin.

Now Dreppin wants an antidote for Nessa, that Hull has. Keep going south. You'll meet the Priest of Oghara, and then Jondale who teaches you fighting. He tells you that the gatewarden will train you some more. Next you hit a storehouse, where Reevor wants you to kill rats. That's an easy enough task. He gives you a whole 5 gp, but you get 5xp for the rats and 50xp for the task.

As you continue around, the gatewarden finds you and asks you to fight some illusionary beasts. Disband the party he assigns so you can get all the experience points, and then kill them all you want. You can't get hurt. Eventually you'll get bored and leave Obe the Illusionist behind.

Next is the bunkhouse - Carbos will attack you. Slay him (20xp. Koran will come running and make sure you're OK. Next is the barracks. Fuller says Hull is at the gate. He has an errand - he wants bolts. Go buy some from Winthrop at the inn, and Fuller will pay you (10 gp plus 50xp and a +1 dagger). Go talk to Hull at the gate. He wants his sword, and says the potion is also in his trunk. Bring him his sword, getting 50xp and 10 gp. Don't worry if he's cranky, he always is. Then bring Dreppin the potion (50xp). Now head into the center.

Imoen is in there - be nice, she's going to join your party later. On the right is Tethtoril with the scroll; bring that back to the inn. Firebead will give you 50xp and cast protect on you. Grab some armor and arrows for Imoen - she'll be joining you shortly. Return to the center of the map. Finally you meet Gorion, he heals you, and you leave the castle area.

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