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Banjo Tooie
Glitter Gulch Mine

This mine opens when you do Challenge 2 at JiggyWiggy's. It's off the Plateau section of Isle of Hags.

There's a warp pad right at the entrance, and a switch. The switch opens a gate in rear, at the end of the stream. It's timed, so wait until you get the goldfish in the opening area so you learn how to swim quickly. Getting through the gate gets you to the top of the waterfall in another area, where you can jump down to a jiggy.

This is the area by mine entry 1. Kazooie torpedo at boulder - now tunnel. Go into tunnel - Hailfire Peaks (ice side) - in room with locked key. Get MEGA-GLOWBO!! Next room is tnt guys and big water tanks "water storage" this is Jolly Roger Lagoon Water. Now you're back in main room.

At the end of the river is the Train station. The train is a great way to move between worlds and is necessary to get some quests solved. There's a Mumbo pad here, and a hollow comb in a box.

Black jinjo on track. To one side is the mumbo skull, with a warp on the rocks and many note sets nearby. There is a glowbo behind 'mine control 2' sign. Get Mumbo into the train station, he levitates chuffy. If you go inside Chuffy you have to 'fight him' (Old King Coal) to get him to move.

The central mountain holds a house, the prospector's hut. The prospector misses dilberta, who is locked up in the Prison area of Mayahan Temple. There's a passageway from the house to prison, blocked.

One hatch into the ground leads to the Ordinance Room, where a mini-game has you trying to peck at 15 TNT sticks in 200 seconds. If you win you get a jiggy.

The Clouded Cave is a series of rooms where you have to swim without surfacing. Find the goldfish in Spiral Mountain before you try this. If you go in - Left - Straight - Left you'll get a jiggy. If from there you go right, then left, you'll hit the Crushing Shed.

Break the box by waterfall - get spring shoes, run to under waterfall, jump and get jiggy.

Mine Entr 3 to R of train entrance - Gloomy Caverns - Red side - generator cavern. Must go around dark path for jiggy. Ladder back down. Other way is blocked right now.

Rock up on big blue slope to L of train station, yellow jinjo.

Mine Entry #2. Gloomy Caverns. Cages with TNT nearby. Blow up as dynamite. Get brown jinjo. Further on is boulder - blow up to open passageway. Next area has house, grass levels with split-up spot. Another boulder leads back to area by Mine Entr 3.

Building is Power Hut. Ladder up - big golden switch turns on lights in basement to jiggy. When step off, lights go out. Need to split up and have Banjo stand on it while Kazooie fetches the jiggy.

Now go to stream end, at top of waterfall soar L over to entry - this is flooded caves. prev notes - no 'lives'. 2 set notes + collow comb by big hive R of mine entr on plateau honey B's hive get 1 unit for first 2 hex transport hatch down into mine page on top of entry sign fuel storage fuel depot 3 note trapped alive glowbo up r by gate switch humba's wigwam warp spot bouncy detonator blow up boulder over trap in full dpot blow up keg to release alien now stuck @ witchyworld door gloomy caverns by trap depot generator cavern r of house water storage 20 notes in water 2 tanks jolly roger lagoon water ladder on 1st page inside green jinjo on other tank jiggy top of waterfall in door waterfallcavern not now 4 nite or green mt warp by house crushing shed go in thru crushers keep out house blow up flooded areas toxic gas cave hollo in boulder white jinjo behind other another cave behind rocks canary cave canary mary right in front of wigwam canary race! Get jiggy 2nd race back get page rock to L of prospr hollo comb hatch opposite bill drill leap Z drill mumbo levitate jiggy boulder on conveyer sucked in find 3 pieces for jiggy while jinjo in toxic gass get jiggy

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