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Lisa Shea
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Banjo Tooie
Hailfire Peaks (Lava)

Challenge 7 opens building with snowflake/fire emblems on it

Lava area. Hailfire Peaks (Lava Side) - split up disks at start. warp spot immediately ahead. Water is boiling hot.

Down pillar on L is green tent - find switch to open pathway here.

Down pillar on R is building - Collosseum kickball stadium lobby. Minjo in lower area. Break open cracked area on lower level: switch to open grate, get into Mayahen temple game area, with warp pad spot with training room and 3 doors. Warp to Wumba, become stoney, warp back to temple kickball stadium. Now go back through grate into Colosseum kickball stadium, up stairs side to switch - raise pedestals to reach yellow jinjo.

Back to main stairs, lowest score wins, quarterfinals. Must try to shoot in all others to keep your own score low. Goaltending works well for first set. Second more like normal game, start with high score and get as many reds in your own goal as possible. Third combo of both with bombs too. Win - get jiggy. Go back and turn back into bird-n-bear.

Chain up side of pillar - shoot owls before going up. Doesn't go anywhere. Footprints up.

Another crack up stair - suction feet. Crack by exit - bunch of egg baskets. Split spot on other side of entrance. Out other side - now pedestals to yello jinjo - can't get past waterfall.

Leave coll - around on R side - jiggy in cage. On L is jiggy that's stuck behind waterfall. Back to main area.

Jump down on L. Around further in this direction - Glowbo on floor, Mumbo's skull overlooking it. Rock comes down and hits bldg, giving you flying spot. Switch on far R - stone hatch opens at tend and at flying spot. New shortcut.

Upper level - gakes up on ledge with hangy ledge to get over to the Mumbo head.

In cave down by honeycomb - just back up again to above it.

Up right into cave - big open area. Train station to right over pillars. Go to far R in train station, over ledge, hollow comb in ledge area.

Down below ledge by pillars - cave, slide down chute. Ladder into pit - 2 notes, another slide down, back to beginning.

Take R after train pillars, another warp spot, split-up disks again, bird walk up, blue doorway to cold side. Keep going down - buildig in lava with owl head over,

"Inside the Volcano" - follow path to switch "I" - brings up new path. Second switch II, brings up another path. Now step on III, another path comes up. Switch IV, now show swith V. Press that - now Jiggy Switch. Step on it for jiggy to appear in center as well as a few more pillars.

Fly - realize Colluseum is huge - fly up to left sidde opening - now on brown top level of colluseum - pillars to train station - opening to icy world

Fly to far R of colluseum to activate train switch. Opens both doors of train station.

3 signs in V-pillar room say: ball of great size for oil drill, hot links cold in the skull & wigwam, when things get too hot remember your bearded buddy. Can't reach hollo comb and ice exit to other side.

Near train station down to R is jump pad. Go there, split-up nearby. Go around to right - Shack Pack. Z press down Can go into water! In bottom switch will send it down to three-armed piggies but they say it's too hot ... must cool off.

Fly around to L of train station - hollow comb in top cave.

Hot water nearby up here - sideways fish and blue jinjo in it.

Red side - in the volcano with pillars - get hollow honeycomb nothing else

cliff up high in main tower - egg, ladder to top - Chilli Billi Hot and Spidy Dragon "You must be the pizza delivery boy" :) Shoot with ice eggs. 2 shots and cannon goes away, dodge tongue. 6 shots to kill. No jiggy??? Says 'brother will still want his' but flies away. Can see ice tower from here.

Go up footsteps inside colloseum - get up to page. Main colloseum has 2 red holes in roof. Lower ledge goes out to Banjo switch. There's a hangy ledge to the L here.

From ground floor in colloseum, shoes over to L.

can shootfire hands withice egg.

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