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Banjo Tooie
Terrydactyl Land

Pterodactyl land warp spot. Boulder on ledge - drill it - treble clef. Walkway to left - to cloud entry need more jiggies. Hatch over to R - Clockwork Kazooie eggs. Remote controlled eggs. Use B to detonate. Up on ledge - Evil Minjo *and* good red jinjo

Water cavern with side grass path into it "Inside the Mountain" Fence blocking page. Flying spot. Fly up to ledge with green vine. Egg up on ledge. Split spot with gate opener next to it. Split and send Kazooie down to fly pad. Now try to hatch egg. Mom won't let her. Split pad at bottom too. .

Styracosaurus family cave - up ramp by swamp and tail-looking ledge - has split-up spot and big boulder. Drill rock - big foot and mumbo spot. Mom wants shaman to come look at her kids. Use jump spot to get hollow comb. Now Mumbo comes, make small dinosaur bigger. Now how about girl? Put in backpack, take to train, go back a stop, Mumbo heal her, bring back home. Now mom gives you a jiggy.

Mumbo skull over by swamp. Warp spot near him. Also warp spot near Wumba (with Mumbo spot in front of it). Little door behind her teepee. Another door around to R. Red ledge up to L need to bird walk up ledge , Glowbo is up in here.

Train pad. Opens door for train. Glowbo hiding behind skull head.

Mumbo before his own house - enlarges stepping stones. Now go to Wumba hut - Enlarge wigwam, so it's huge. Now turn into Daddy T-Rex, step on spot, open gate for black jinjo but must run back to switch.

Go back to Isle of Haggs Now train can drive to Terrydactyl land, little styracosaurus family cave. Baby comes back. Mom is happy.

Hatch - springy step shoes. Nearby on pillar, gate button in side of pillar. Up path - Unga Bunga's cave. Can't go in with springy step shoes

Ledge by Mumbo's house to L - big rock at end. Drill open for a page. At Wumba's Now use springy shoes and go over 'to the nest' Red cave, dino and cave First cave - open grate by lower unga bunga area. Jump around edge to notes Door with jiggy - need secret code of dinosaurs. Another jump spot up "to nest". Jump over 2 spots and third sign no shoes. Now you're up by cavemen again. Go into Unga Bunga's cave get shoes bounce carefully up mom bombs you keep going, activate warp spot, go up stairs. Terry's Nest. "Terry Disgruntled Pterodactyl Parent".

As little T Rex talk to the steg to learn how to roar with B. Roar at door to open it. Open door behind wumba - get page. One could see from other chamber. r r RR r RR RR on sign to get the prize. Roar by the nest sign to come out up by blocking caveman. He doesn't care.

Lower red cave - Unga Bunga's cave. Jump around up. Get to jiggy and sing dinosaur song to get it. Little path from jiggy L has same caveman blocking.

Cave - Bonfire Cavern, - shoot ice eggs at flames to put out.

Upper level lake - prehistoric fish, waterfall, tiny cave, caveman in cage. Cave on side - River Passage. Hatch on L, ledge on R. Get on ledge, split up spots. Just get bear. Cross over river with ledge - must drop and catch halfway. Taunt monsters, then wait for them to go in before passing by. 405 notes. Taxi Pack - pick large things like giant eggs and the fat polar bear kid. 4 notes in pool here . Hollow at top of waterfall - fall down into main area. Bird door right there - opens underwater gate for orange jinjo over to left.

Climby vine behind waterfall - back up to River Passage. Be bird to get that hollow comb.

Little ramp by entrance on R - go up side of mt then ledge over to egg spot angry caveman. Now near train station.

Go back to Witchyworld and go to swap spot . Get bear only and head back to station. Get kid with Z-Cleft - B to grab. Bring back to mom, get jiggy.

Back to Terrydactylland. Shoot grate to open gate for blue jinjo.

Terry - shoot for a while, then kill Mucoids. Shoot her, more mucoids, shoot again, she's had enough. She apologizes, you say you'll get her eggs - 4 of them. Get jiggy now, one on platform in main area, one up vine in oogle boogle, get jiggy, second jiggy in bottom of nest - the one you saw from large cave before in ceiling.

Now seek out split-up spot - over by series of cages. Get bear only and seek out eggs. Two separate big cave areas, separated by tunnel here.

One on pillar in lower water area. Get with bird after flying from central pillar - can also get hollow comb.

One in Unga Bunga cave in red area. Sit on egg, now 2 done.

Chompasaurus - stomach cramped dinosaur. Go inside his belly. Silver button on center pillar - pathway came up to surface just spin and shoot 75 pts to win. Get jiggy. Third egg is in here too.

Remaining: various cages, hot area, sick dinosaur, last egg, cavemen that block

Can take train to Isle of Hags - Cliff Top. Stops by Mumbo spot for healing.

Go from top of level warp spot - across bridge - to bonfire room. Shoot ice eggs at fire areas. Into Stomping Plains - warp spot, split up spot. Giant foot prints with Stompanoadon Triassic Steamroller. Safe in footprint areas. Use gold feathers to move between them. Up on ledge - one button for jiggy with both faces. One banjo (path), one kazooie (black jinjo) . Stairs up slide back to starting area of plain.

Blue jinjo is near button pillar - separate from flying pillar. Directly across from entrance.

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