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Ratchet and Clank Walkthrough
Robot Plant - planet Quartu

This is a dark industrial world. The weapon of the day is the tesla claw for 30,000 if you have the persuader (normally 40,000)

OK, head up the ladder and go into the water. Swim through 3 hoops to open the door. Swim past the lasers and up to hit the button in the center. Note that this starts a GIANT timer for the whole course. Point towards the tunnel below big green light before you start. You only have 1 minute. Ready? Hit it and go through the tunnel. Swim through the 3 rings to open the door. Enter the door and swim, avoiding the lasers. You reach another tunnel with more rings. Finally you reach the end. You get a bolt grabber!! Now bolts come to you from further away.

OK, head out the exit and back to your ship.

Part 2. Now go down the ramp. Use the hookshot across. Head right past the enemies. Now go into a tube area with lots of zappy guys. When you get to end of the path, you meet a mech guy. He gives you some help. Now you are on gigantic Clank with a little ratchet on back. You have to kill off the giant mech. When you win, you get an infobot about Hologuys from Gadgetron industries. This gives you access to Planet Kalebo III.

Be sure to return here when you can pretend to be a robot. Now you have to "infiltrate the secure area". Important note - if you finish first part but cancel partway through the second section, and return later on, you just get normal robots in the first area. So you don't have to replay the first area as a robot again.

Anyway, go down the ramp to the door. Turn into a robot and wave. When you get in, kill him. He he he. Jump up to the next area when the guy has his back turned, then quickly revert to robot form to get close. Again, kill him when you're near him. On up to the next area. Now when he turns be a robot, jump when his back is turned. When you're next to him, zap him.

OK, robot-walk to the green area. Ride the conveyor belt. Jump when the 2 lower robots' backs are turned. When you're near them, kill them. The upper level robots don't notice?? Nice for you! OK, up the ladder, be a robot at the top. Get next to him and kill him. Get up to the ledge. Slide left - watch out for the falling barrels. When you are far enough left that you can climb up, this is the checkpoint.

OK, this part is pretty challenging. First, wave to get in to the 3 robot area. You have to hit the 3 of them really fast to take them out before one of them hits the button. The Gloves of Doom are a great help here. Now climb up and be a robot again. Go through the door. Wait for them to walk towards the side door - then fly down. and revert back quickly. When they are at their farthest point, kill them - the gloves of doom when they're in the door works great. The side room has crates, you can break them without any alarms. Go forward on conveyor belt and into the next room.

This is a nasty room. Go up on ledge after killing the first guy. There are 3 guys at end of hallway - two coming towards and one facing away from you. Stand on the opposite wall and launch a visibomb. You can usually get the 2 side by side ones with one blast! hah hah hah. Take out the 3rd and then cross.

The next area is even more fun. Stand in this room far from the door. Send a visibomb AT the door and it opens for the bomb! He he he. Get the 3 guys that way. Then hookshot in, and slam the button on one side. Take out the robot arms on the other just to be helpful. Go in the door. A wavy guy is there - now you get to the end.

"Son you have done well." It's his "mom"!! Awwwwwwwwww. You get an infobot. It says that the planet is done, and Veldin is in our spot. He now will try the "deplanetizer". Slide back down to the starting area.

Ratchet and Clank Walkthrough

Ratchet and Clank on PS2 Review

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