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Ratchet and Clank Walkthrough
Blarg Station - Nebula G34

Your new weapon is a taunter - 2500 - it lures enemies into your reach. This is GREAT for luring enemies into laser beams and such.

Kill the force field generator. Head down tunnel and past the frogs. There's a spinny door and more frogs. Now you hit a force field generator with 2 controls. Go through it. On left - circular room with crates on both sides. straight is another locked door.

Straight at fork: unlock to go into uber box room. tons of boxes of all sorts. nothing else.

Left: Avoid green gas. Go up levels on left. Use hook shot at top to get in tunnel. Through door. Use taunter to draw frogs into door before deactivating it. When take out force field, animal husbandry things attack you.

Vacuum works well on frogs. Head down tunnel. around to spinny door. Now in cave area. Tons of frogs in with vendor. Don't forget the boxes on 2nd level. One room has bunch of boxes and a gold bolt!

Now take out force field. Lots of big enemies. Go in and use the taunter. Heh heh. Take out generator in here with boomerang. Move around the edge. Get to the spinny door. Now you're in a big green lit room. Enter - boss comes down with boss health bar. Luckily there's lots of health in here. He drops frogs down to help him out, then some extra friends. When you're done, now there are more monsters in the next room and health.

"Thought I was a goner this time". It's a scientist guy - a gadget engineer. He will sell you some Grind Boots for a mere 2000 bolts. Now a door opens with a grind rail. Just equip the boots and slide down the rail. You end up back at the starting spot.

OK, another path from the beginning. It's a uber lock door with 3 catchers on outer ring. Use tri to send clank outside. Jump him on center of elevator for it to go down. Walk along green path and into ship. Clank has no weapons - just his hand. Go right and jump - glide to next area. Go to right and jump up to the green walk. waddle waddle waddle. Jump up to yellow ledge, right up. You can see a yellow bolt from here! It's over against the right side.

go in and left - get 4 robots. You can command them to do things. Have them follow you then attack the enemies. Send all four to 'enter' the door to activate it.

Now you get the hydrodisplacer - instafaucets and instadrains. There are none on this space station. Go right along new bridge. This is back to the beginning again.

OK, third path from the beginning. To the right of force field door - can go to board warship. The ship is very small. Go in to big red button. Press - robot sets self destruct. Run back and left to him and grab him - auto escape. The infobot has a special report - Darla Gratch from Blackwater City. Captain Quark - hoverboard championship. There are strange ameboid creatures on Planet Rilgar.

Ratchet and Clank Walkthrough

Ratchet and Clank on PS2 Review

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