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CSI Crime Scene Investigation Walkthrough

This game is a lot like the Law and Order game - it's based on a TV show, uses the original actors and writers, and makes you really feel like you're "a part of" the TV show solving the puzzles. The graphics are quite nice and some of the annoying 'evidence pile' parts of Law and Order are thankfully not present! I really enjoyed this game even though it was a bit short. Bring on more!

Note: don't read ahead!! The game is short enough as it is. The fun in the game is roaming through each area and exploring it.

The Basics
General Hints
The Scoring System
Full Details on CSI Tools

Inn and Out
Starting at the Crime Scene
Talking with Bert the Manager
Finishing Up the Crime Scene
Greg and the Lab
Albert and the Autopsy Room
Jenny Strickland's Apartment
Chatting with the Cops
Kylie's Apartment
Interrogating Bert
Interrogating Devon

Light My Fire
Checking Out the House
Talking to Jason
Fun at the Lab
Talking with James Ritchie
Henderson Airport
Lab Stop and then Gray
The Shed
Talking to Stan Ginns
Back with Jason
Give us the Plan, Stan

Garvey's Beat
At the Crime Scene
At the Morgue
At the Lab
Jack Riley's House
A Visit to UNLV
Chatting with John Laskin
The Lab and a Chat
Chatting with Franklin

More fun than a barrel of corpses
Tracking Down the Crime Scene
At the Casino
Visiting the Morgue
Desert Demonstration Gardens
Back at the Lab
Maxamine at the Pharmacy
Doctor's Office, Dr. Wilkinson
Doctor's Home and Garage
Back at the Pharmacy
Dr. Wilkinson and his Wife
Grabbing Leda

Leda's Swan Song
Leda's Little Game
At the Garden
Leda and her House
A Lab Visit
Leda and the Cops
Lab and a Hotel
Chat with the Cops
Another Talk with Leda
Tracking Down the Truck

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