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Dungeon Siege 2 Walkthrough
Chapter 1 - The Siege of Greilyn Beach

I have to admit right off that I really wasn't fond of how this game began. I've watched a ton of war movies and generally enjoy them, but having the captains yelling at me constantly and calling me "worm" and "maggot" was a bit much. You and your pal Drevin, a blue-haired elf, are landing on a beach with your Morden army. You've been a merc for a few years, but somehow the Mordens have brought along training dummies for you to hit on the beach as you run to the assault. That's a bit much :)

First, you have to find Lt Jerind. Move right to Vrang the supplier, who tells you to bash open the barrels to see what you find. I found a pair of gloves. Jerind is further right, and he says to talk to Fighter Tark for combat lessons. Head further right and talk to Tark. Really all you do is right-click on each dummy to attack it, then gather up the loot.

Move on to talk to Archer Brammok. You need to switch to a bow here. Press I for your inventory, then drag the bow over into the spot you see the sword on the "paper doll". Use the bow just like you used the sword - right click on the dummies. Gather loot. Finally talk to Mage Lukrak. Left click on the spell symbol in the upper left, by your name. Right click the dummy to fire the spells. You'll talk to Warrior Klamek now who says to "choose a class". Really he means in your mind - he doesn't mean you have to "do" something in-game to select a particular class to focus on. The skills you earn is solely based on the actions you take in game.

Go further right to Lt. Kargack who continues with the annoying "worm" talk. Hey, worms are very important in a soil's life cycle, you know. He says the Temple must be taken by nightfall. Time to start fighting. Right about here, go into your inventory screen and make sure you've equipped everything you want to use, including whichever weapon / spell appeals to you the most.

Forward. Click on the enemies to kill them, then destroy the shell by clicking on it. Go further right, kill a few more enemies, then left. Fight your way through to the shell and destroy it. If you see a plus sign on your character portrait, retreat to a save spot and go into your inventory area to apply the points. Also, remember to equip any interesting loot you may find.

Continue right, through the gate. Kill a few guys and stock up at the medic station. Be sure to check the shelves for a resurrection scroll. Amren the Elf almost shoots you, but chooses to spare you. You and Drevin talk about why an elf would be fighting with the dryads. During the next fight, use "2" to launch a brutal attack. You learn about pressing 1 / 2 to launch your high-powered attack. You can see the attacks charging up in the lower area of your screen. Work your way down to the gate.

Archer Polk is there to yell at you, and to order you through the cave. Drevin complains about the medallion he wears and gives it to you to guard. He asks you to see that Valdis never gets it. Head into the cave. You have your first "nasty" fight with an Infused Ketril (373 hp) - be sure to use your power-ups on him. You help out some friends and move on. Be sure to gather loot. Out of the cave, you come to a gate with more yelling.

Time for a gory cut-scene. A four-armed warrior takes out some enemies, and the mercs run into th etemple. There are more 4-armed guys in here, but Valdis and his sword slashes them down. Drevin asks about being paid and is slain by Valdis. You black out.

Dungeon Siege 2 Walkthrough

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