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The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind Walkthrough
Balmora: East/Right: South Wall CornerClub

If you head across the river on right, you'll find the south wall cornerclub.

Sottilde - says caius cosades is a sugar tooth. This means Caius is addicted to drugs. The owner, bacola closcius knows where he is. Says Camonna Tong hangs out at council club. Duh. join the thieves guild- talk to sugar lips. she's a pawnbroker.

arathor - gives names of the 5 'bad people'. Says Balmora magistrate Nolus Atrius is on the take. journal note. training: sneak 259gp, block 363gp, med arm 207gp.

sugar-lips habasi - thieves guild - just says don't attack a brother thief. anything else is fine. down to 35 if refuse to join. will only train or barter with members.

chirranirr - downstairs. cat. not much.

only-he-stands-there - fishhead. Says Tyisa is a user. Says Ordinators burned out camp of Nerevarine cult worshippers in Foyada Ashur-Dan. He's a healer. will teach if happier.

Tappius esdrecus - warrior. Not much

Pane Rielle - barkeep. sells a guide to balmora and a few other guides.

bacola closcius. offers beds. tells where caius cosades is - front dor, rightr up stairs, left, end of street. Says Larrius Varro at Moonmoth was looking for me. Doesn't want skoona.

If you tell Sugar-Lips Habasi you want to join, you still won't be trained. He only trains the higher ranks. Your first job with them is that a good friend of Habasi's wants a diamond. Apparently Nalcarya the Alchemist has some.

Elder Scrolls Morrowind Walkthrough

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