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The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind Walkthrough
Balmora: East/Right: People you Meet

caius up stairs and left from CornerClub. He has book - the war of the first council under bed. Give him package, agree to join the Blades. Can restin this bed. Can train on Blades Trainers. Rithleen, Tyermaillin, and Nine-Toes in Blamora. Caldera: Surane Leoriane. Ald'ruhn, Gildan and Sjorvar Horse-Mouth. Elone in Arrille's tradehouse. Gives journal about Elone too. and each other trainer. Training: Speechcraft (76) unarmored (142) hand to hand (47).

Orders - get 200 gold to buy things. Says to join fighters guilt, mages guilt, imperial cult or imperaial legion to build up a cover. Blades are spies. Journal update. GO do that then come back for work.

Nine toes - has book A Dance in Fire, Chapter 3. Gain in acrobatics knowledge by reading. Gives you moon sugar - says Ajira at Balmora Mages Guild willb y it as will Ra'Virr in Balmora. Journal update. Rules - don't attack a blade, don't steal from a blade. Period or you're out. You can rest here.
training - athletics 330gp, illusion 43gp, sneak 217gp. Has lives of the saints on a shelf.

rithleen - up on 2nd floor. book the mirror on bed - block skill increase. She gives you steel cuirass and steel helm. training - long blade 305gp, block 313gp, medium armor 174gp.

Tyermaillin - altmer. healer. she's right below rithleen. She gives you alembic. traiing - can't have moon sugar on you. enchant 44, mysticism 33, restoration 133.

Dralsea Arethi - on road. female elf. Tells you dagoth ur is immortal enemy of tribulnal temple cult. Livesin red mountain.

Balyn Omavel - on road. Talks about Morag tons and gives rules.

Elder Scrolls Morrowind Walkthrough

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