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The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind Walkthrough
Books: The Alchemists Formulary

This book can be found in the Mebestian Ence's upstairs area, in Pelagiad. You don't get any points for reading it, but it has this valuable information in it.

For each recipe, use 2 or more of the ingredients listed. Usually you can drag a mortar and pestle onto you, and then select the 2 ingredients.

health: marshmerrow, wickwheat, corkbulb root, saltrice.
marshmerrow in grazelands and azura's coast. Wickwheat in grazelands. Corkbulb in ascadian isales. Saltrice in ascadian islans and grazelands and azura's coast.

restore fatigue: crabmeat, bread, small kwama egg, chokeweed

common diseases: gravedust, green lichen.

restore magic: comberry, frost salts

endurance: heather, scuttle

levitation: trama root, racer plumes, coda flowers

water breathing: luminous russula, hackle-lo leaf, kwama cuttle.

fire shield: comberry and sload soap

strength: ash yams and dreugh wax

invisibility: crushed diamonds and bittergreen petals

Alchemy Mixing Chart
Flowers and Their Locations

Elder Scrolls Morrowind Walkthrough

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