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The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind Walkthrough
Caldera: The People of Caldera

Nedhelas - Bosmer, says this is a business town. The House Redoran hates Caldera. They are noble warriors who support the Tribunal Temple.

Keel-Ranior - Argonian, not much to say.

Falanaamo - clothier. Says V'riel Septimis is sick. His heir, Geldall Septim plus the younger Enman and Ebal are dopplegangers. There's a note on the table from Shenk, asking about the Summerset Isle.

Claros Nuayn - Dunmer. In the governor's Hall. Talks randomly about Irgola, pawn broker.

Foves Arenium - Assassin Dunmer. Trains on short blade, light armor, marksman.

Cunius Pelelius - charter holder. Trains in speechcraft, light armor, sneak.

Odral Helvi - upstairs. Dunmer. Only does house training. Is monk and Hlealu. He gives House H Rules - don't get caught stealing money from the house. In essence this house is money-hungry.

Irgola - pawnbroker. Has the True Nobles Code (of House Redoran). Says secret cult of Sixth House is killing the Imperial Citizens.

Medila Indaren - Dunmer in Mage's Giuld. Gives training on destruction, alteration and mysticism. Says blight is ash from volcano cloud that gives diseases.

Ernan d Thierry - alchemist, not much.

- Altmer upstairs who teaches "Recall"

Folms Mirel - Join mage's guild? Can join no hard requirements, just don't attack/steal frommembers. Advance - learn mark and recall for travel, levitation and open for caves.

Hoodlismod - armorer, no real info

Verick Gemain - trader, tons of books. Special Flora of Tamriel. Poppies & goat milk = levitation. More books upstairs.

Dro'shauer - cat in house right of entry tower. Book - Mystery of Princess Talora - acrobatics + 1

Elder Scrolls Morrowind Walkthrough

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