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The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind Walkthrough
Fighter Job 2 - Egg Mine

Local egg mine has egg poaching problem. Dram Bero, owner of Shulk Egg Mine wants you to get Sevilo Othan and Daynila Valas. Shulk Egg Mine is southwest of town, swim over. By suspension bridge.

ok leave town and follow river south. Mine is on right side of river just by bridge. Dinok and Findulain are there, good miners. Learn about Kwama from them.

come back - clagius clanler - outfitter to left on way in. He has the book of dawn and dusk on his table. nb.

dralasa nithryon - pawnbroker near entrance.

ok through egg mine, staying left. down through open doorway finally to closed door - queen's lair.

To right through door is stairs, Miner Juillen to talk to. Miner Kari asks you not to kil the workers - they won't bother you. Miner Lisaa. This is another way into the queen lair.

Either way, go in and kill the 2 thieves in there. Don't harm any extra workers or such - you'd be harming the livelihood of the miners!

Go back to Eydis to get 100 gp and 4 quality restore fatigue potions.

Your journal updates, and now, if you ask, you can advance to the Apprentice level.

Elder Scrolls Morrowind Walkthrough

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