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The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind Walkthrough
Moonmoth: The People of Moonmoth

Moonmoth is a mountain guard location, very small. Just one main building really. The prison tower for example is a tall spiral up to an outlook spot.

guard captain - outside courtyard. says dunmer believe in salvery.

erla - inside. smith. Says Garothmuk gro-muzgub is very good smith.

urfing - trader. has clothes. book to sell - the anticipations. daedra info. also has the annotated anuad. a universe creation story.

radd hard-heart - a human there. master at arms says legion wants heavy armor people

larrius varro - downstairs. legion champion of fort moonmoth. has work for me. He wants to kill off those who are bribing a local magistrate. They're the Camonna Tong. The Thieves Guild hates them. They're a scout, pawnbroker, savant, thief and smith in Balmora. updates journal.

Solea Nuccusius - downstairs from larrius. He's a battlemage. Says Albeccius Colollius is veteran in Arrille's tradehouse. cells empty.

naspis apinia - side room. lay member of Imperial Cult. 50gp only. talk to Ygfa at Fort Pelagiad, Syloria Siruliulus at Fort Buckmoth, Somutis Vunnis at Fort Moonmoth, Ruccia Conician at Ebonheart or Lalatia Varian in Ebonheart. He gives you For my Gods and Emperor.

Crulius Pontanian - side room. imperial cult. He's an enchnater. Talk to Galar Rothan at Telvanni about it. He has book "Frontier, Conquest and Accomodation". A history.

Peragon - alchemist. Says to talk to Tendris Vedran about it.

Amarie Charien - healer. For healing talk to Ygfa.

Somutis Vunnis - in back room. Says Vala Catraso in Ald'ruhn guild is in vvardenfell and trains priests. gets grumpy if you ask about it and don't join (down to 40)

Elder Scrolls Morrowind Walkthrough

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