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The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind Walkthrough
Seyda Neen: The People in Town

Note that you can sleep and heal on the bedroll in the building that you set yourself up in.

Fargoth: A short dude who wants his ring. Give it back to him - he says he'll tell Arrille, who runs the tradehouse. Always a nice thing. He also tells you that Proccessus Vitellius, the tax collector, is missing.

Eldafire: A tall elf that is regal. She tells you about the smuggler's cave near the silt strider. It's called the Addamasartus cave. She also tells you about Proccessus Vitellius.

Arrille: Right by the bridge, in a building on the left. You have to go up the stairs to go in. He also tells you about the Addamarsartus cave. He says too that Hrisskar upstairs is in financial trouble.

Tolvise Othralen: She's in the shop to chat. Doesn't say much.

Hrisskar Flat-Foot: Upstairs in the shop. He wants your help in getting protection money out of Fargoth. I ignore him :)

Raflod the Braggart: Upstairs in the shop. He says this is Seyda Neen, Swamp Fever Capital of the World. Tells you about the geography.

Tandram Andalen: Upstairs in the shop. He is a bard. He tells you that Processus Vitellius is missing. He says to stay away from Daedra cults.

Albecius Colollius: Upstairs in the shop. He is a battlemage. He tells you a Mentor's Ring is in a tomb on the Bitter Coast.

Elone: Upstairs in the shop. She is the barkeep. She's a scout. She'll give you directions to Balmora. She tells you that Daedric shrines have long funny names and have big, dark grey-green stone ruins.

Darvame Hleran: Silt Strider operator. Cross the bridge and head right to find her.

travel on the Silt Strider:
Balmora: 15gp
Vivee: 11gp
Suran: 18gp
Gnisis: 51gp

Vodunius Nuccius: Random in town. He says to tell Darvame Hleran that he sent you. You tell her, she says poor guy. Prices don't change down, in fact Suran now 19 gp and Gnisis now 52 gp.

Indrele Rathryon: Random in town. Woman elf. Nothing much to say.

Teruise Girvayne: House to left of shop. nothing much.

Draren Thirala: House by bridge on right. nothing much.

Foryn Gilnith: Shack behind shop. He has a book - a dance in fire - +6 mercantile.

Teleri Helvi: Down by shacks. Nothing much.

Nels Llendo: Out walking in wilderness to right. give kiss - he's happy. Will meet at halfway tavern in Pelagiad.

Elder Scrolls Morrowind Walkthrough

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