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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
Leaving Besaid

After your evening talk with Yuna, you go to sleep. You have a strange dream, and then overhear Wakka and Lulu talking. You learn that Wakka had a little brother named Chappu. Chappu went to fight Sin, and they believe that Sin killed Chappu. Lulu is saying that while Tidus looks like Chappu, he can't take Chappu's place.

When you wake up, Wakka gives you the sword that was intended for Chappu. You head out, and fight a few battles. You learn that Lulu is an elemental magic person, and is great doing magic on magical creatures. You use opposites, fire - ice (blizzard) and water - lightning (thunder). So when you find a water magic creature, you use thunder on it to kill it easily.

You go up to the overlook and pray. Then as you go down the north path, Kimahri Ronso attacks, just for fun I suppose. He then joins you. There's a rune on the left by these pillars:

Kilika and Biknael ZoEn as one.

You now learn to use L1 as a way to switch in party members. This is pretty good - you can switch in whoever is best for what you are fighting. Wakka is great with aerial creatures, firing his Blitzball at them. With the Garuda for example, Wakka will put darkness on it, and then Yuna summons Valefor to kill it off. You also learn that the aeons heal at the save spheres.

At the beach, talk to everybody and get a lot of presents including a summoner's ring, ether, phoenix down, 400 gil. Then you get on the boat. Be sure to use the menu to equip your characters with the new presents.

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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