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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
Kilika Jungle

Use the Map of Kilika Jungle to get around. Be sure to save when you're hurt for free healing, and fight a lot to gain points. Ronso can use the lancet to learn an enemy's abilities. That can be good. On the bridge is Ochu, Lord of the Wood. He dies pretty easily with fire and the aeon's blasts.

Save the luck sphere you find - it'll turn an empty node into a luck node, but you can't then activate it with any regular spheres.

There's a run in the jungle, it says


On the stairs you get sinspawn Geneaux. Beat through the outer shell until he comes out, then blast him. When it's dead, you learn that something was going on between Chakku, Wakka and Lulu. Now head up to the temple.

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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