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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
The First Game

Before the first game, Yuna says she saw Auron in town. You realize this is the same Auron you knew from before. First, go to the opposite locker room and get the Al Bhed primer VI (F) in a chest. You also find the Primer VII along the way. When you get to the pub, two Rhonsos pick on Kimahri and start a fight, and Auron isn't there. The tournament starts, and you hear that Yuna has been stolen to make the Aurocs lose. You have to go rescue her. First, head east to the square loop to get 1000 gil.

OK, follow the arrows back to the ship. Machines are all vulnerable to lightning. You're fighting the Oblitzerator, ues the thunder attack on the crane nearby 3 times to turn it on. Then it's easy to use the crane on the Oblitzerator and kill it. Lulu lets Wakka know that Yuna is safe, and the Aurochs win 3-2.

You also learn Yuna's uncle is an Al Bhed named Cid, that Yuna's mother is Al Bhedian. They want you not to tell Wakka about this.

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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