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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
Walking the Long Road

The starting road at Djose is incredibly long, and full of monsters. You do learn you can use the square button to scout for new Blitzball players.

There's a statue on the left, and Maechen the Scholar. There'sa note that says: "There is a valley in a vast plain with a great thorn beside. From the thorn cross the vale to the other side." You meet Chocobo knights. There's a summoner on the right, Belgemie, that you can fight to learn about how aeons work. Just time your shields and boosts to match the attack/meteor strike to win. You get the echo ring when you win.

There's a chest to the left with remedy, and another to the right with 2000 gil. After a long trek, you finally get to a chocobo cart. You see Gata and Luzzu, the crusaders, over on the right.

Keep going. You get some eyedrops in a chest to the right, and then hit an Al Bhed shop. Wakka doesn't like it, but you sleep here, and there's a save spot. You have a compilation sphere here, see the sunset, get a lock sphere, meet Rin, and get VIII.

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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