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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
Djose Temple

OK, get the 2 djose spheres and put them both in the door. It'll open and suck the 2 spheres in with it.

Head into the next room. Note the glyph on the ground. It'll light up as you do different things, and your aim is to make it fully light up properly.

Put the 2 spheres from the left and right of this door over into the far right area of this room. You'll see the ceiling flicker. Push the pillar over to the right and it zaps the sphere already in the pillar into super-life.

Put the supercharged one from the pillar to the right of the main room (second room) door. This door will now open.

You should still have 2 normal spheres. Put these two the pillar. Use the floor-shiny-spot to reset the pillar back to its original location. Now push it forward, it'll float there for you. Use it to jump over the lightning.

In the next area, push the pillar in. You'll light up the central light circle on the main floor.

Jump back. Hit the shiny spot to get your pillar back. Now take the two normal spheres from the pillar and put them in the starting room's left and right spots. Take the supercharged sphere from the right of the door, and put it in the left of the door. Now the symbol is done. Stand on the symbol and go up.

In the final room with 5 pedestals, push each of the pillars in to the wall. The stairs will open. Now go down again and look for a glowing spot over on the left. Touch it to get the destruction sphere. Go back up again and put it in the middle pedestal to get the Magic Sphere.

Go up. Dona comes, and you get Ixion.

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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