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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
Guado Salam

You're in Guado land. You meet Tromell Guado, who works for Seymour Guado. You learn that Rikku can customize equipment and sometimes can even get them a new name. You can save in here, and a chest on the right has a mega potion.

In the manor you learn that Seymour had a human mother. You try the lower door, and it opens. You learn that Lady Yunalesca first defeated sin. Seymour asked Yuna to marry him.

Oaka is in the area, and a chest with 3000 gil. You meet Pah and Zazi who are both level 1 blitzball players.

You go up to farplane, where Rikku and Aeron won't go. You see ghosts of the past. Lord Jysal (Seymour's father) comes but you don't know why.

You go down to the left, meet Shelinda. Learn that Seymour went to Macalania Temple. You gather everybody together and go.

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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