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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
Thunder Plains

This is great fun to cross, you have to watch for the zaps. There's a save point right away, and a chest to the left with two phoenix downs. Dodge your way across the plain, and get to the hotel. There's a primer XIV in there. Save. You learn the will of the father was to 'take care of' the son. Rikku is really scared of lightning.

The next morning, there's a yellow shield on the ground. An Iron Giant fights you. Use lots of Watara. You see cactaur stones along the way, which you'll come back for later on when you have the airship. Yuna needs to talk under the shelter.

Eventually you get out of the plains into the forest - Macalania Wood. Tidus and Auron talk about Yuna. To the left is a chest with 2000 gil, and another chest has 2 phoenix downs.

As a side note, you get the Venus Sigil for dodging 200 lightning strokes. Your actual bonusses for dodging are:

5: Potion x2
10: Mega Potion x2
20: MP Sphere x2
50: Strength Sphere x2
100: HP Sphere x3
150: Megalixir x4
200: Venus Sigil

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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