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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
Landing in Water

After Sin attacks you in Zanarkand, you're alone in a little cove area. You learn how to swim around, using the circle key to go underwater. To the right is a set of runes to read. They say:

Eh dra myht frana
pumdc uv mekrd
emmisehyda dra pnylgacd hekrd
Fedr MACALANIA pareht
dra vuindr bemmyn oui cekrd
muug hud uh dra mavd
pid uh dra nekrd

As you might guess, this is in another language. In fact, it's in Al Bhed, sort of a cryptogram of English where every character (say A) is represented by another character (like C). You're going to find primers all over that tell you letter by letter what the conversion is. So "dra" really means "the" and so on. It says:

In the land where bolts of light
Illuminate the blackest night
with MACALANIA behind the fourth pillar in sight
look not on the left but on the right

(Thanks to The Supreme Alien from our forum for the words and help with this)

All of these sayings you find help guide you towards key items and weapons in the game. This phrase refers to the Thunder Plains, which you'll encounter later on.

Just north is a chest with 200 gil. Now swim over to the left side. You'll find a chest to the south with 2 potions, and an Intro to Al Bhed Compilation Sphere. It says:

sycdran dra Al Bhed myhkiyka! Pacd uv milg!

This is really annoying when you first play, but here's what it is. Say you play the entire game and learn the entire alphabet. Now you can start a brand new game and get to this point. By hitting this sphere, the game will search *all memory cards* and suck in all letters you know, even from completely different games. That way you can go from this point forward, read the signs, know what people are saying to you, and so on. You can even borrow a memory card from a friend and start the game knowing the entire alphabet. A bit bizarre, if you ask me. And very confusing for the new player that doens't even know about the alphabet yet. But anyway. On your first pass through, it doesn't do anything.

Just north of this area is a save point. Be sure to save!

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

Please swing by the Gaming Forum to ask how to get through if you're stuck somewhere I haven't put up yet. Our team of FFX experts will get back to you quickly!

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