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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

Yes, Seymour is back AGAIN. Fun fun fun.

Just save as much of your aeons as you can in the first two monsters and save them up for Seymour. If you have trouble here, you probably haven't learned the basic boss-killing method. This is what you do.

* Go out into random battle areas
* Have Yuna summon one of her aeons
* Have the aeon fight to build up their overdrive level
* When the aeon reaches full overdrive (is able to do an overdrive attack) dismiss it

If you do this for all the aeons, you get every single aeon up to overdrive level. You also get Yuna to overdrive level. So when you go into a battle, do a REGULAR summon on your strongest aeon. Have it do its overdrive blast. Then dismiss it! Then on Yuna's next turn, have her do her GRAND SUMMON on that exact same aeon. It'll come onto the battlefield fully charged again, so it gets another massive blast at the boss. Then go through the rest of the aeons.

Make sure you have Tidus learn HASTE really quickly. Have Tidus spend his time casting haste on everybody (starting with Yuna) so that Yuna gets lots of attacks (i.e. the aeons all attack quickly). I like Wakka for my third person, but that's up to you.

So in any case, have Tidus use Haste, have the aeons blast away, and win!

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

Please swing by the Gaming Forum to ask how to get through if you're stuck somewhere I haven't put up yet. Our team of FFX experts will get back to you quickly!

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