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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
Calm Plains - The Zoo

In the middle of the east wall in the Calm Plains is a green spot, tucked in the wall. This is a zoo! The owner will sell you capture blades for you to go around capturing one of every monster in the entire game. Let's just start with the 9 in the Calm Plains since we're here. These are:

Skoll (wolf, e)
Nebiros (wasp, e)
Flame Flan (e)
Shred (rock clam, middle)
Anacondaur (snake, sw corner)
Ogre (ogre, middle)
Coeurl (tiger, just about everywhere)
Chimera Brain (nw corner)
Malboro (nw corner)

When you get them all, a chest appears, but you can't open it yet. You need to get the celestial mirror, which I'd advise waiting until later to track down. When you do open it, you get Nirvana, which is Yuna's ultimate weapon base.

You also get 60 Farplane Winds from the zoo guy - this is IMPORTANT. You can have Rikku use them to customize one of Yuna's items to make it DEATHPROOF. This is just about the only thing that will keep your party alive in some areas. Be sure to make it an item you really intend for her to always use.

The zookeeper now makes a CHIMERAGEIST. This is a very nasty beast. Go into the fight with it with everybody up to full power and ready to blast it. It's immune to delay, sleep, silence. And to just about every elemental attack. So let Bahamut blast it but the other GFs don't really hurt it. It sends tons of elemental attacks at you! Have Khimari do the Mighty Guard to keep you guys protected. Then have Yuna keep refreshing whatever guards go down. Auron's overdrive and Tidus' are both good. If you just have Auron, Wakka and Yuna up to refresh the guards, that combo usually works well.

When you come back later with the various monsters, you get various other prizes for the collecting act, and new monsters to battle. Here is the prize for completing each area. Click on an area name to learn what the monsters in that area are.

Besaid: 99 Stamina Tonics
Bikanel Island: 99 Shadow Gems
Calm Plains: 60 Farplane Winds
Djose Highroad: 99 Petrify Grenades
Kilika: 99 Poison Fangs
Macalania: 60 Shining Gems
Mi’ihen Highroad: 99 Soul Springs
Mount Gagazet: Blossom Crown
Mushroom Rock Road: 99 Candles of Life
Omega Ruins: 60 Designer Wallets
Sunken Cave: 40 Silver Hourglasses
Thunder Plains: 99 Chocobo Wings

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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