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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
Mount Gagazet - Meeting the Rhonso

After you kill the Defender X, you cross the bridge and walk up a short path to Mount Gagazet. Here you meet the Rhonso, who are not very friendly. They want you to leave. Talk to everybody and save.

The two Rhonsos will attack just Kimahri. This is a KEY way for Himahri to learn all sorts of great skills! Be sure to lancet them repeatedly and learn everything you possibly can. After you're sure you get everything, kill them off. It's not too hard. Then heal and save again.

Now you go through this singing bit, oooooooooooooooooo

A chest to the left has 2 mega potions. You find the grave of failed guardians. Lovely.

Braska's sphere is to the right of the path. Another grave to the left, and then a fork in the road. Head left. You'll meet the brother of O'aka, where you can shop. Now head up the long trail to the Prominence.

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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