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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
Gagazet - Seymour Flux

Jeez, how many times are you going to have to kill Seymour?? OK, this version has 70,000 HP. He's sort of tough, but if you've been doing lots of fighting and building-up-of-character along until now it should be reasonably ok.

You can have Yuna talk to him if you'd like to build up magic defense. Really, talking isn't much good with Seymour though.

If you go into this one with all of your aeons at full charge, and Yuna at full charge, it's a matter of blasting Seymour with each one and then moving on to the next. Have Khimari cast his Grand Protect to keep everybody safe, and you should be able to kill him off.

If you haven't figured out the Yuna technique yet, it is:

* Go out into random battle areas
* Have Yuna summon one of her aeons
* Have the aeon fight to build up their overdrive level
* When the aeon reaches full overdrive (is able to do an overdrive attack) dismiss it

If you do this for all the aeons, you get every single aeon up to overdrive level. You also get Yuna to overdrive level. So when you go into a battle, do a REGULAR summon on your strongest aeon. Have it do its overdrive blast. Then dismiss it! Then on Yuna's next turn, have her do her GRAND SUMMON on that exact same aeon. It'll come onto the battlefield fully charged again, so it gets another massive blast at the boss. Then go through the rest of the aeons.

Make sure Tidus knows haste to make everybody really fast so they get in lots of attacks.

Khimari should have lancetted the Grand Protect from the two Rhonsos, or you can get it from a Behemoth. Alternately you can have Yuna cast all the various elemental protects one by one but that's a pain.

The zombie attacks aren't too bad - have lots of holy water from the calm lands to reverse them. If you like Lulu, have Lulu cast bios at him

Next, move on to the Prominence!

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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