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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
Learning the Spheres

After you first meet the Al Bheds, you learn about the spheres. This is how characters in FFX advance in level. They don't "gain levels" - instead they get spheres and sphere levels, and use those to gain different powers. You can't just randomly choose what you want to improve - say get more hit points, or get more strength. Instead, you have to move a sphere along a track, and choose which direction to go on that track. It's sort of confusing, but after some practice it starts to make sense. In essence you can only go along that set track, and choose to spend points on things you pass along the way.

You get spheres and sphere levels for killing enemies. You can get a power, speed, mana, or ability sphere when a monster dies. You also get "AP" which help you increase your sphere level. Sphere levels only help you move along the track. That's all the do, and you must follow the track. Actual spheres only let you activate a given point on the track that you're near. So the whole thing involves you plodding along the track, and activating things that are interesting as you pass them.

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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