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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
Gagazet - The Sanctuary Keeper

This guy comes between the Trials of Gagazet and entering Zanarkand. He's pretty nasty, has 40,000 hit points. Be sure to save and get all of your GFs up to full charge before you come into this battle!

You can dark (Wakka) and armor break (Auron) him. Be sure to do both. Do NOT poison him. Also, he does tons of 9999 cures at the beginning so have Khimari do lots of mp sucks (lancet) on him first to bring his MP down to 0. That helps reduce his curing frenzy, although it doesn't completely stop it. He's immune to petrify, sleep and slow, so don't bother. Just keep dark-blasting by Wakka (the SK will esuna to remove it) and Dispel Magic him if he does anything else. Make sure Kihmari does Mighty Guard to protect your units against elemental attacks, and have Tidus haste everybody - ESPECIALLY Yuna.

Some players swear by casting REFLECT on the SK to hinder his use of CUREAGA. If you do, he might then cast reflect on you, so be sure you can dispell his casting, otherwise you'll have trouble casting magic on your own team.

Once his MP is mostly gone (he'll never be *completely* without magic but he'll be very low), then have Yuna:

Bahamut - megaflare - ~13,000
Shiva - diamond dust - 9999
Ixion - thor's hammer - 9999
Valefor - Energy ray - 9999
Ifrit- HellFire - 9999

Pull each one out as soon as they do the damage - so that they stay alive in case Yuna can build up to another GF. Even with that plan, the SK usually drives one or two GFs right up to a second overdrive with his attacks. You should be able to completely kill him with the GF attacks if you've been doing the other listed actions.

Note that you now have WARP SELECTS so that you can leap around back and forth from the plains to this point. You're about to head into the dead city of Zanarkand - so hop back to the plains if you need to do any shopping and to build your GFs all back up to full power!

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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