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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
Zanarkand - The Tetris Puzzle

Is it just me, or are the puzzles getting easier? This one is almost too easy.

OK in the first room you are shown 5 shapes to find. They're in the bottom middle, far right, just next to that one, and the top two in the top left. Now 6 pillars appear.

Push in the bottom right pillar. The next room now has a puzzle for you. I actually did right down which ones to press but it wasn't even worth it. If you go up to the puzzle picture it'll light them up for you. Just walk around and turn them on! Talk about easy. Do this same thing with the top right pillar, then the bottom left pillar and the top left pillar.

Now go take the Kilika sphere in the top left by the picture and put it in the center left pillar. Take the Besaid sphere from the top right and put it into the center right pillar. POOF you can down go down into the middle. Be sure to SAVE - another boss is coming! Be sure to be at full power before you go in!

Part 2
You will come back here later on, to get the Destruction Sphere treasure in order to get Anima. To do so, you need to light up the squares in both rooms. There are 3 in the first room: top right, 3rd down on left, very center. There are 4 in the second room: 2nd from top right, 4th down on right, 3rd downin middle top, and lower of 2 in middle left. The destruction sphere will appear in the first room. Take it into the second room, put it to the left of the viewer, and you'll get the Magistral Rod.

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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