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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
Zanarkand - Lady Yunalesca

OK this is the land of SUPER SUPER long videos and SUPER powerful bosses. Be sure to have lots of time for this part and to be fully healed. Be SURE that Yuna has the Farplane Wind x 60 DEATHPROOF on one of her items, and that she has the 30-Holy-Water "Zombie Ward" as well. Both will be quite useful. Note that if you failed to get Farplane Wind x 60 in the Calm Lands arena (or mistakenly spent some of them without realizing you needed them) you can only get more in the Omega Ruins. So just get the Zombie Wards, and don't worry about it. You CAN get through here without deathproof.

Have as many ethers as possible and be SURE that Yuna knows the spell HOLY. Go back to the calm lands store and get her to that point if you haven't got it already.

OK, first you see the remains of Lord Zaon. There isn't really a final aeon. Through some interminably long video sequences, you learn a number of things. First, Lady Yunalesca will turn one of your GUARDIANS into the final aeon, just like she did to her hubby and Braska did to Jecht. That aeon, once sin is defeated, turns INTO Sin and starts the cycle all over again. Lovely. You learn that Jecht did this for Braska even though Auron didn't want them to waste their lives on it. Auron even attacked Lady Yunalesca. Yuna finally says that this is silly - if Sin keeps coming back by using this method, obviously it's a stupid method and she won't be part of it. She'll find another way to fight sin without resorting to false hope. Lady Yunalesca takes exception to this and the fight is on.

This is a three part fight, so don't burn yourself out in the beginning! Lady Yunalesca Mark 1 is pretty easy. 24,000hp. Have Yuna HOLY her a few times and have Bahamut do his grand attack (don't grand summon him, just summon him normally) as the final blow. Be sure never to have an aeon attack her when she's not near death, because she'll heal herself by sucking the life out of the aeon. Mark 1 should die

OK, Lady Yunalesca Mark 2. 48,000hp. Nastier. She's immune to delay, dark, silence, sleep. Let Rikku mix a water gem and key sphere lvl 1 - those are great. Because you saved your Grand Summon from Yuna, when Yunalesca is down below 10,000 you should be able to Grand Summon Bahamut and have him do his ultimate attack again, killing her again.

Now you're to Lady Yunalesca Mark 3. 60,000hp. She'll go crazy doing megadeath and lots of zombies, then cures to harm your zombie-people. First, if Yuna has that deathproof she'll be OK so your whole party won't die. She'll have the zombie ward too - and have her use lots of holy water curing the others. Be very careful about healing your people - don't use a heal when someone is a zombie!!

Have Tidus keep a haste on the party, have everybody give ethers to Yuna and have Yuna keep blasting HOLYs at Yunalesca. Don't have her waste her MP on life - just use Phoenix Downs. She needs all her MP to blast those HOLYs. Finally she'll die, and she'll claim that all hope is now lost.

If you go upstairs you'll find the sun crest in a chest. Head down and out and Auron will admit to being an unsent - Lady Yunalesca actually killed him all those years ago. Go out and Tidus talks to dad/Sin and asks for more time. Then the airship comes!!

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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