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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
Turning On the Power

The Al Bhed don't want you to just lounge around. They want you to work. Your first task is to swim underwater and get the power going at a station down there. Before you talk to Rikku, be sure to save at the sphere, go look at the crane in the back left, and pick up Primer I. This gets you started on being able to understand the Al Bhed language. Also, talk to all the guys. One will give you 3 potions.

You talk to Rikku, the girl, and then swim in. You'll hit random piranha along the way - they're easy to kill. Follow the rope down, when you hit the bottom you'll go into a round room.

Go through the rooms until you hit the power generator. You'll know when you turn it on, lights will light up. Now Boss Trog will appear. You fight him a bit, and then learn about Trigger commands. These are special commands that happen in special situations. For example, with Boss Trog, you first have the opportunity to "stand by" - i.e. heal when he leaves you alone for a moment. You use it by using the left directional arrow.

Next you get the "Pincer Attack" command - this lets you and Rikku both attack the boss from different sides. Be sure to use Phoenix Down if he actually manages to kill one of you. When he's dead, you leave the room from a new hole in the side of it, near where Rikku is standing.

You swim back up, and an airship arrives. There's a save sphere nearby that you can use if you want. You learn that you're 1,000 years in the future and that Zanarkand is long in the past. Now Sin attacks, and you're washed overboard!

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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