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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
Air Ship - Fighting Sin's Two Fins

After the talk with Mika on Highbridge, you can now go to the "Sin" location on the airship navigation. Again, be sure you're fully stocked, healed and powered up before you attempt this. Also, if you go to the foot of Mount Gagazet, you'll get to hear the full story about the Hymn history. It first was a rebellion song against Yevon, because Yevon actually was the one that caused all of the trouble to start with. But then Yevon became the strong religion, and it adopted the song as its own, and that's how it became a part of the religion.

NOTE!! Once you start this sequence, there is a TON OF FIGHTING without any break and without any chance to fight other 'power up' monsters to get your aeons back into shape. So make sure you have EVERYTHING you could possibly need and that everybody is fully charged and so on.

OK, once you get to Sin's location, go up on top of the ship. You get a video and then begin the fight. There are two fins, each with 65,000hp. You use Tidus or Rikku to 'move in' to attack it. You can 'move out' to get away from his blast attack "Gravija" but usually there isn't enough time to do it anyway, so I don't bother.

It's immune to just about every single spell you can cast, though Armor Break does well. Wakka also does relatively well against him. Have Bahamut attack, then grand summon him back for a second blast. Have Tidus doing his hastes in between, Wakka wacking. Shiva going in should pretty much finish off the first fin.

Now on to the second fin. Again, have Tidus say to Move In again. Then have him do his haste, Wakka blast and have Yuna send in the remaining aeons to do the blasts. A few HOLYs after that and the fin should be done.

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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