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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
Air Ship - Sinspawn Genais

Once the fins fall off, there's a bit of talking, and then everybody jumps into the hole. You should hopefully have an aeon or three left at this point. Sin has 36,000hp and Sinspawn Genais has 20,000. The trick is that Genais absorbs any magical attack sent at Sin. So you have to kill Genais off, and then Sin.

OK, first kill the SG. This really isn't that hard. Then you're on to Sin. Summon whoever you have left for aeons and blast away. Have Wakka hit - he's doing excellent damage by now - and Auron can armour break. He's immune to dark and delay, so mostly just blast away with Wakka, Tidus and Auron. After the previous battles, he's relatively easy. He crashes into the ground, and SAAAAAVVVVVEEEEEE!!

Note that you CAN'T go anywhere but the final battle from here, so the most you can do is buy some cheap supplies on the ship before heading up to the top deck for the final battle.

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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