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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
Inside Sin: Braska's Final Aeon

OK, you're inside sin. By now you should have a No Encounters weapon and done all of the other side quests and ultimate weapons. So you're in really good shape and can just waltz through this first part. Sure, you can gather monsters if you want to for the arena. But you can stroll through the misty walkways. Eventually you find a set of stairs.

Head up the stairs to find the final seymour ghost. He has 80,000 and is pretty easy to kill. Just aeon him a few times - the Magus Sisters work well for me. Then Yuna sends him. You head into a block area.

When you see glowing blocks, stand on them to do something. The first one brings you up to a chest with four-on-one (a Wakka ball with all four elements). The second one pushes down a wall for a defending bracer. By the third one is a glyph on th eleft with a megalixir. Head left and save.

Now you're in the Tower of the Dead. Go up to the glyph. You're starting with a count of zero. You have to get to a count of 10. You get there either by fighting monsters or picking up the jewels. Walk around the edge, being sure to move any time you see the ground turning white. This means an ice spear is coming up. Grab 10 of the gems to be sucked out to meet Jecht.

This is "Braska's Final Aeon". Lovely rock music in the background. The first version has 60,000hp. Tidus says "I won't lose!" and Jecht's power decreases. You kill this one pretty easily. When you do, he yanks a sword out of his chest. On to round 2.

In this version he has 120,000 hp and can do an ultimate attack. Be sure to have Wakka knock out the side towers while the others (and your aeons) hammer away at Jecht himself.

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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