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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
The Village

The village itself is pretty small. On the right you have a house with people, Wakka's houes, and a fabric making building. On the left you have a store which sells potions, phoenix downs and antidotes, and the Crusader building with Gatta and Luzzu. You can also sleep in the crusader building, and save.

You learn from the Crusaders that Mi'ihen formed the Crusaders as Crimson Blades 800 years ago. They fight Sin, but don't try to defeat it. When you ask who WILL defeat Sin, they say to go ask at the temple. You can replay tutorials at the Crusaders buildings, if you forget something in them. Be warned, once you start one, you have to sit through the entire thing again. Also in the crusader's room, to the right of the desk, is Primer II.

The temple is to the north. To the left and right are the prayer rooms. In the center is the main temple with statues. You learn about the High Summoner - summoners use aeons (GFs from previous games) to help them fight. If you find the old guy wandering around, he'll tell you the four high summoners are Ohalland, Gandof, Yocun and Braska.

The center north of the temple is the Cloister of Trials, which you're not allowed to enter. Head back to Wakka (middle building on the right) and take a nap. You'll dream about your dad, who you hate.

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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