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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
The Cloister of Trials

When you go back to the temple after napping, you learn that an apprentice summoner has gone in and hasn't come out yet. You go in to help out. Each of these Cloister of Trials is a puzzle that involves three types of spheres - a town sphere, a glyph sphere, and a destruction sphere.

First, touch the wall in front fo you to get started. A new glyph appears to the east. Touch it to make it disappear and a path revealed. Go down those stairs.

Take the glyph sphere from the far right wall and bring it down to the left. Put it in the door, then take it out again once the door opens. Now you'll find another recess along to the left. Put the glyph sphere in it - the wall will slide up, taking the sphere with it. Behind there is the destruction sphere in a little room.

Now go down the corridor to a stone pillar. Put the destruction sphere in it. Now touch the symbols opposite the pillar, and the wall will slide up. In that little room is the Besaid sphere. Take it. Bring the Besaid sphere back up to the first spot where you got the glyph sphere. You just want to put the Besaid sphere out of the way for a moment, and you can't drop it. So stick it here.

Go back to the destruction sphere, take it, and put it into the wall where you got the Besaid sphere from. It'll blow up the wall further along the corridor! You get the Rod of Wisdom from a chest.

Now go back and get the Besaid sphere. Put it in the stone pillar. The wall will open up. You can push the pillar straight forward into a little spot set for it. If you mess up, just go stand on the glowing glyph and the pillar will reset.

Push the Besaid-Pillar in to the center of the room. Wakka will come - he's a Guardian - and you'll go down. You meet the other two Guardians - Lulu (the elegant woman) and Kimahri Ronso. Then Yuna, the summoner, comes out, having finished her trial.

When you emerge from the temple, Yuna gains the aeon Valefor, her first. Only Yuna can use the aeons.

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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