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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
Al Bhed Primer Locations

The Al Bhed primers help you understand what the Al Bhed are saying. As you learn more letters, you'll see the "real letters" show up in a different color. Near the end, just about the entire word will be in English. If you get all the letters, you can then start a new game, and "load" that knowledge from the other save file into your current game. So you can go through the entire game now knowing what they are saying!

You don't really HAVE to know Al Bhed, it doesn't matter to winning the game, but it's fun!

For example, if you see carved on a stone the word


It really stands for


IY -> ACrane in back left of Al Bhed Ship
II P -> BIn Besaid, in the Crusaders’ tent on the left
III L -> COn Bikanel Island - tent by oasis
IVT -> DOn Kilika, in the pub by the guy
VA -> EOn the boat to Luca, in the wheelhouse
VIV -> FIn Luca Stadium, in a chest in the opposite locker room
VIIK -> GIn the Luca Sphere Theater
VIIIR -> HIn the Djose Highroad Shop - Rin gives it to you
IXE -> IOn the north part of the Mi'Hihen Highroad
XZ -> JIn the Mushroom Rock Valley on the circular path
XIG -> KOn the Djose Highroad
XIIM -> LIn Moonflow on a platform by the shoopuf
XIIIS -> MIn Guado Salam, in the same house as the chest with 3,000 Gil
XIVH -> NIn the hotel at Thunder Plains
XVU -> OAlong the road at Macalania
XVIB -> POutside the Al Bhed shop near Macalania
XVIIX -> QIn the Sanubia Desert
XVIIIN -> RIn the top right of the Sanubia Desert Central
XIXC -> STo the west near the Al Bhed Home
XXD -> TIn Al Bhed Home, near where they live
XXII -> UIn Al Bhed Home, in a hallway
XXIIJ -> VIn Bevelle Temple after the wedding
XXIIIF -> WIn the Calm Lands in the far bottom left corner
XXIVQ -> XAt the Remiem Temple
XVO -> YAt the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, up center and left
XVIW -> ZIn the Omega Ruins

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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