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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
Aeon Ability Upgrade Listing

Thanks to Auron1500 from the Gaming Forum for compiling this information!

Dark Attack Smoke Bomb (x6)

Silence Attack Silence Grenade(x3)

Sleep Attack Sleeping Powder (x3)

Dark Buster Smoke Bomb (x12)

Silence Buster Silence Grenade (x10)

Sleep Buster Sleeping Powder (x10)

Delay Attack Silver Hourglass (x20)

Delay Buster Gold Hourglass (x30)

Triple Foul Skill Sphere (x4)

Zombie Attack Holy Water (x99)

Power Break Stanima Spring (x8)

Magic Break Mana Spring (x4)

Armor Break Level 2 Key Sphere (x2)

Mental Break Shining Thorn (x4)

Pray Healing Water (x5)

Cheer Power Sphere (x5)

Aim Speed Sphere (x5)

Focus Mana Sphere (x10)

Scan Ability Sphere (x10)

Reflex Speed Sphere (x10)

Luck and Jinx Fortune Sphere (x2)

Doublecast Three Stars (x5)

Lancet Soul Spring (x20)

Cure High Potion (x99)

Cura X-Potion (x30)

Curaga Mega-Potion (x60)

NulBlaze Bomb Fragment (x2)

NulShock Electro Marble (x2)

NulTide Fish Scale (x2)

NulFrost Antarctic Wind (x2)

Scan Ability Sphere (x10)

Life Elixir (x8)

Full-Life Megalaxir (x1)

Haste Chocobo Feather (x10)

Hastega Chocobo Wing (x16)

Slow Silver Hourglass (x4)

Slowga Gold Hourglass (x8)

Protect Light Curtain (x6)

Shell Lunar Curtain (x4)

Reflect Star Curtain (x3)

Dispel Purifying Salt (x3)

Regen Healing Spring (x50)

Holy Blessed Gem (x60)

Fire Bomb Fragment (x1)

Fira Bomb Core (x2)

Firaga Fire Gem (x4)

Thunder Electro Marble (x1)

Thundara Lighting Marble (x2)

Thundaga Lightning Gem (x4)

Water Fish Scale (x1)

Watera Water Gem (x4)

Waterga Water Gem (x4)

Blizzard Antarctic Wind (x1)

Blizzara Arctic Wind (x2)

Blizzaga Ice Gem (x4)

Bio Poison Fang (x8)

Demi Shadow Gem (x8)

Osmose Mana Spring (x10)

Drain Stanima Spring (x60)

Death Farplane Shadow (x30)

Flare Shining Gem (x60)

Ultima Supreme Gem (x99)

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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