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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
How to Get Lots of AP (Sphere levels)

From ffx-gamer in the Forum This is very hard to get but it's not inpossible first of all you need to buy ( or earn) some weapons with 3 ability slots Then constumise that weapon with the overdrive-> ap ability (= earn more ap instead of charging overdrives ) to have the overdrive->ap ability u need 10 door to tommorows ( wich is not hard to get cuz if u captuere alot of fiends ( i don know how much anymore ) then the arena owner will give u 99 of them Next you need the triple over drive ability ( costumise it on the same weapon ( triple overdrive : requires 30 winning formulas wich you can get by capturing 1 of each fiend for the monster arena ( not hard but it takes some time ) So if you have captured all fiends you get 99 winning formulas. That's not enough for all your character but you can bribe 15 of them from the huge worm in the desert.It will cost you arround 25 times his hp ( can't remember how much )

Now the next stap is the triple ap ability this is even harder to get but again not inpossible you need 50 wings to discovery ( very hard to get ) You can win 30 of them in the remiem temple race with 3 open chests and byou can bribe 8 of them from the marlboro NOTE : beware you need 30 wings to discovery for the break hp limit ( wich is the most inportant ability ) but you can get them easely by defeating dark aeons...

Now if you have a weapon with overdrive-> ap triple ap and triple overdrive you can start getting ap

Now put for example Tidus' overdrive to stoic and 2 other characters to comrade ( with the overdrive->ap ability this means if you recieve 1 damege point you will recieve 1 ap ) Now fight the don dontberry in the mosnter arena and use hastega then let your stoic character attack the don tonberry. The don tonberry will counter this with his powerfull karma ( how more fiends your character has killed in the game how more damage points karma will do... if your attribuses are arround 100 the karma attack will do 99.999 damge points as i told all the 3 characters will recieve 99.999 ap BUT!!!! Next revive the character and attack him again with the same character ( the one who has stoic ) reapeat that untill the don tonberry has moved 4 times towars you,he will not counter wit karma anymore... then FLEE !!

Now for example if you have attacked him 10 times this meanes all your characters will have 10 x 99.999 ap BUT ... now it comes...cuz the characters have the triple ap and triple overdrive ability this means 10 x 99.999 x 3 x3 = 80999190 AP !!!!!!!!! for all 3 characters !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mayby you guys alrdy know this trick but a friend of me told me so...

NOTE: this also works with the double overdrive or/and double ap

then it is 99.999 x 2 x 2 x10= 3999960 ap
or with triple ap and double overdrive
then it is 99.999 x 2 x 3 x 10 = 5999940 ap
Or just the overdrive ap abilty
then it is 99.999 x 10 = 99.9990 ap
BUT it does not work when you Do not have the overdive ap ability!!!!!!

Get it???? I know It's hard but you will understand it once So GOOD LUCK !!! I will chack this topic to s if you have any opinions about this confused trick..

P.S. if triple... is to hard to get the double ap ability requires 20 megalixers you recive 30 of them before the battle against shinryu or bribe 20 of them from the varuna ( again arround 25 times his hp

and the double overdrive requires 30 underdog's secrets. you get 99 of them if u colect all al bhed primers then talk to Rin in the areship( he will give you them ) or bribing 15 of them from the chimera B in al bhed home or in th airship If the al bhed home is gone the afther defeatinh th'uban you will get 1

Well enjoin it I hope this is a helpfull hint ( 80999190 AP depending on you stats it will be arround 20 sphere levels or more )

From ffx-gamer in the Forum

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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