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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
How to Get Gil (Money)

From Loza in the Forum:
The best way to get 500,000 gil each battle is to get Rikku's Godhand, Mercury crest and Mercury Sigil, equip them and fight Mimics in Omega's dungeon. 500,000 gil and a good amount of experiance.

They are easy to kill by summoning Yojimbo and giving him 1 gil each attack. The worst attack I've seen him do is 5000 damage, and they shouldn't be able to hit him.

From Ketchup via email:
OK, This may take awile, but by this you can get over 1,000,000 Gil in 10-15 minutes.

First you must get Don Tonberry in the Monster Arena. This can be done by doing the following..........................

Capture 4 of each fiend in the Sunken Cave/ Chamber of the Stolen Fayth. (THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE MAGIC URN!!!!!)

Now get about 70-99 phoenix downs. Then go to the monster arena and fight Don Tonberry (the first fight is free so take it cause he normally takes 8,000 Gil to fight) Make sure someone knows steal or mug and Master theif. If you have Tidus's Caladbolg to it's full power, then that has master theif. now, whoever has the abilities, use steal or mug on Don Tonberry. You should get a designer wallet. repeat this until you have stolen 4 of them.( You should steal anywhere from 1-4)Don Tonberry's attack will probably kill you so revive the KOed person.( DO NOT ATTACK WITH ANYBODY BUT 1 PERSON WHO HAS STEAL AND MASTER THEIF!!!)

Now Keep doing this until you can add the ability "Gilloinare" to 1 of your weapons. Get this with 3 of your characters. ( If Rikku's Godhand is at full power then that weapon already has Gilloinare) Now have all 3 of them in your party and go to Omega Ruins. Keep running into fiends until there is a lizard and a chest. BEFORE YOU KILL THE LIZARD, use STEAL to open the chest. it will turn into a fiend.( Sometimes the chest has a mega-potion in it) Now kill both of them and you should receive about 400,000 Gil.

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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