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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
Level 3 and 4 Key Sphere Locations

Level 3 and 4 key spheres are both pretty important to unlock some of the most powerful attacks on the sphere grid. They allow Yuna to get to HOLY, and Lulu to get to DOUBLECAST.

Level 3 Key Spheres
* A prize from the Catcher Chocobo training in the calm lands
* Steal from Biran and Yenke Rhonso
* Get 1 from Lady Yunalesca in Zanarkand
* Get 1 from Sin's right fin in the final battle
* Get 1 from Sin in the final battle
* Get 3 from Seymour Omnis inside sin
* Dropped and bribed from Demonolith (in the Omega Ruins)
* Dropped by Machea (in the Omega Ruins)

Level 4 Key Spheres
* A prize from the Catcher Chocobo training in the calm lands
* Get 2 from Seymour Flux on Mt Gagazet
* Find 1 in a chest in a side-loop on Mt Gagazet
* Find 1 in a chest to the right near the Auron video in Zanarkand
* Get 1 from the Spectral Keeper in Zanarkand
* Bribe the Chimera Brains in the calm lands (196,000 gil)
* Get 1 from the Omega Weapon

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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