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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
Jecht Spheres and Auron's Overdrive

Auron gains in his overdrives by finding glowing Jecht Spheres throughout the game. There are ten in total, and each has an interesting little video from the Days of Jecht. His overdrives are:

Dragon Fang
You start with this one. It goes down-left-up-right-L1-R1-X-O

Shooting Star
You get this after your very first sphere. It goes tri-O-[]-X-left-right-X

Banishing Blade
This comes after three spheres. It goes up-L1-down-R1-right-left

This is the ultimate at ten spheres. It goes O-right-R1-left-L1-tri

Sphere Locations
* In Besaid, to the right of the main temple. See Photo
* on the SS Liki in the bridge
* at Luca, in the stadium in the basement
* On the Miihen high road, at the end of the lower road
* on the Mushroom Rock road near the save sphere
* at the south Shoopuf area
* in Thunder Plains, half way in by a tower, on the right
* after killing the Spherimorph in the woods
* in Macalania Woods, by the lake (southern area)
* on Gagazet Mountain

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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