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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
The Gorge after the Calm Lands

I wait until when I have the airship to do this part, so I can get lots of cash easily. The only reason to really go into the gorge is to get the aeon Yojimbo, and he wants money.

Just after the Calm Lands is a bridge, and you can go below it into the gorge. There's a megalixir in the chest to the right, and to the far right is a rusty sword. When you go in, you learn that a fayth stolen from a temple is here. A chest has a level 2 lock. Go up to the right, and there's a monster you have to tag the right spot for a bonus prize. I usually get a phoenix down on the top right, lunar curtain on the lower left, center for an Elixir. I've also gotten silver hourglasses.

Anyway, go forward to get a fortune sphere in the chest. Now go up the center for a megapotion x 2. To the left is the Al Bhed primer XXV, for O -> Y. Save here for the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth.

You'll face Lady Gomen, who Lulu used to guard. Not very well, she's an unsent. When you kill her (which shouldn't be tricky if you wait until after the airship to try this) you'll get Yojimbo. You can bargain him down. He starts out wanting 250,000. Bid 160,000 then 180,000 then 190,000 then 200,000. He'll take that.

There are warp spots to get in and out easily. You get a flexible arm to the left and x portion X 7 to the right.

From Loza, in our forum:

"Yojimbo has an affection rating for you, and the higher you get it, the more often he does Zanmato. Sometimes he uses Zanmato as soon as he comes out, without you even paying!

Basically, the way to get this rating high is to keep summoning him. Summon him at a consistent rate, ie every 3rd battle, and the rating will go up. Also, paying him a lot of money gets this rating up. Yojimbo on one of my games does Zanmato for 1 gil most occasions. Even his Wakizashi does more than 9999 damage all occasions. It just takes a little time, love and gil.... "

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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