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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
Remiem Temple

I do this after I get the airship so it's pretty easy at this point. Go back to the Calm Lands and get onto a chocobo, and ride it up to where you first enter the Calm Lands - to the far bottom of the screen. There's a chocobo feather to the bottom left. Press X on it to go off to a secret area.

To the left you'll meet a chocobo that talks about a race. You learn that you have to go past the various chests along the way and beat the chocobo to the center of course. Go to the right to start the race. If you beat him into the center you get the Cloudy Mirror which you use to construct the various Ultimate Weapons for your people. You can also hit the chests for extra goodies if you wish.

If you enter the temple, there's a door in the back. You can't enter it until you have the flower scepter and blossom crown. You get the blossom crown by gathering all monsters in Mount Gagazet. The flower scepter comes from Belgemine. You also have to have beaten every aeon UP THROUGH ANIMA with Belgmine.

Once you've defeated anima, and you use both the scepter and crown, Yuna goes into back area. You get the Magus Sisters aeon - Cindy. Sandy. Mindy. You also get a defense sphere in the back room.

In the center of the temple is Belgemine. Fight her in overdrive for a pretty easy win. Your prizes are:

valefor - lightning gem x 4
ifrit - power sphere x 4
ixion - chocobo feather x 10
shiva - mega potion x 60
bahamut - flower scepter
yojimbo - shadow gem x 8
anima - stamina spring x 60
magus sisters - shining gem x 40

When you slay her magus sisters, she says there is nothing more she can teach you. It's time for her to go. Yuna sends her. You get the Moon Sigil.

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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