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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
Ultimate Weapon: Auron

Auron: Masamune, Mars Crest, Mars Sigil

Masamune is pretty easy. Get the Rusty Sword from the chasm beneath the bridge north of the calm lands. It's just to the south of where you go in. Take it to Mushroom Rock, through the big gates. Take your second left and stick it into the statue there. Now look at the glyph and it turns into Masamune.

The Mars crest is just down below where you fought the Chocobo Eater on the Mi'ihen highroad. It's down the path that you get to if you go southeast from the big gates.

The Mars sigil is about capturing things. Capture fiends from 10 areas to get it from the arena guy.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Auron's ultimate weapon causes the most damage when he's in the YELLOW for health. At a strength of 167 he might do 45,000hp damage at full health, but if you get him down into yellow health he'll do 99,999.

Weapon Bonusses:
Break Damage Limit
Triple Overdrive
First Strike

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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