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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
Ultimate Weapon: Rikku

Rikku: Godhand, Mercury Crest, Mercury Sigil

Godhand Ultimate Weapon
The Godhand part is easy once you have the airship. Put in the password GODHAND, you land at the Mushroom Rock area, and go north. It's in a chest there.

Mercury Crest
The Mercury Crest is easy too. You find it in the western part of the Sanubia Desert (i.e. Bikanel Island) in a whirlpool. From the sign with the advertisement, go up and left.

Mercury Sigil
The Mercury Sigil is nasty though. You'd expect that with the other two being easy!! If you go into the western part of the Sanubia Desert you'll find a sandstorm. Go south of it. You'll find the UberCactaurStone which tells you where to find 10 other cactaur stones all throughout the lands. You have to go to each one, catch the cactaur there, and bring its sphere back. Told you this wasn't easy!

You have to try to catch them when they're not looking. So sneak up on them when their backs are turned.

Also, be sure to stop in at the oasis in between each one. It's good to save there, just in case. Some players have trouble finding Elio because they just head right for the airship. You have to check in at the oasis first.

Click on any name to get a photo showing exactly where to find that particular cactaur.

Cactaur Game Information

1) Tomay: at the starting oasis where you land, on the right.
2) Rovivea: at left of Sanubia Desert East. On far left by chest and building part. In large jut-out area.
3) Chava: hiding inside the advertisement sign (20% off) by sandstorm. Read the sign for her to pop out.
4) Alek: ruins of Sanubia Desert Central
5) Aljoa (with Alek): ruins of Sanubia Desert Central. 1 map south then west of cactaur stone.
6) Vachella: in that first tent with the save sphere, in Sanubia Desert East. Hit the save sphere. Super-fast turner.
7) Robeya: in main Sanubia Desert central map, below barbed wire fence, to far left in a chest. 3 chests with various prizes (shinnig gem, blessed gem, shadow gem x 2) if you want.
8) Isrra: in far left of same map with cactaur stone, go west then north, in sink hole. he takes LONG time on turns so need to run fast the few times you can run.
9) Elio: on deck of airship (very TOP deck). Note if Yuna is there, you have to get IN sin for Yuna to leave and you'll now be able to get the cactaur.
10) Flaile: behind the starting quest stone. I.e. when you drop off the stone for Elio, Flaile will immediately pop out.

Weapon Bonusses:
Break Damage Limit
Triple Overdrive
Double AP

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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